Wait and see

A good quarterback like a good man is hard to find. Vikings fans and country music songstresses are in unison on that. Entering tonight’s game against the New York Giants, Head Coach Leslie Frazier will give Josh Freeman the start. A 2009 First-Rounder, Freeman will be the third different starting quarterback for the purple, never a good sign. When a team, whether by injuries to the starter or ineptitude, is down to their third quarterback, it is a painful and emotionally draining indicator that the time to think about next year is now. A similar state of affairs occurred in 2001 when the Vikings played out the string with third-stringer Spergon Wynn. I remember that time well and even though the Vikings had stability at the starter as Daunte Culpepper still had a promising future at the the time, it was a bland swan song to a season that yielded a less than optimal outcome. Injuries are part of the game but if you have to go to a makeshift route(s) at quarterback, it will get real old for fans.

Tonight’s MNF game will feature two struggling teams. Like the vast majority of most professional games you will see, the two starting quarterbacks will be two former first round selections in Freeman and Eli Manning. Unless the Vikings totally bottom out and secure the first overall pick and a chance to nab a franchise signal-caller on a rookie deal, they will have to evaluate all of their options. Freeman could be in the mix and in his mid-20’s, he is in his physical prime. It is easy to be intrigued by Freeman’s physical skill set.
At 6-foot-6 248 pounds, Freeman certainly looks the part in terms of prototypical size. He has a thick build and is tall enough to see the field and over oncoming rushers. Freeman has the big-league arm strength to zip passes downfield and he can make awesome throws when pushed outside the tackle box. Unlike Christian Ponder, Freeman can make any throw and deliver it with solid RPMs.

Released by the team that drafted him in Tampa Bay, Freeman signed with the Vikings two Sunday nights ago just as the San Diego Chargers were about to receive the kickoff in their late game against the Oakland Raiders. He will get a chance to show the Vikings what he can do, whether he has a solid grasp of the Vikings playbook or not. Having a stud running back like Adrian Peterson will help any quarterback and Freeman’s strength in driving the ball downfield can give wideouts like Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson more chances to make plays. While this season may be in lost cause mode, Freeman’s audition hopefully will be beneficial for all parties involved considering Jacksonville looks to be in line to secure the number one pick in next May’s (it doesn’t feel right still) Draft.