French flair

San Antonio Spurs Point Guard Tony Parker is still going strong, hitting big shots for a savvy and high-functioning contender.  He is fun to watch and really fits in well alongside the other strong bedrocks on the Spurs, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.  Note: this is the Spurs point guard, not the underachiever UCLA big man Tony Parker who wondered aloud about transferring mere moments after his UCLA squad delivered an uninspiring performance against the Gophers in the NCAA second round.

Parker has a pretty sweet jump shot and a much better life than I.  I will never know what it is like to be an Olympian, an NBA Finals winner, or to have the special experience of having dinner with Eva Longoria. Game and life-changing experiences, each and every one. Sigh.

His mid-range jump shot is pretty but not as exquisite as Eva Longoria, his ex.

The best attribute I can give Parker and his Spurs is quite basic yet profound; stability.  It is a rare status to attain and like most things in this, it is impossible to describe.  But when others have it, I see, value it, and admire it.

He is the second-best foreign point guard on my all-time best list (Canadian Steve Nash is tops) but he is tremendous and like Nash, somewhat undervalued as a NBA prospect in their early 20’s.  They both see things develop and know where to go on the court to make themselves and ultimately their squads successful.

November 5, 2008, the day after a historic election and that evening, I saw the Timberwolves play the Spurs from the fourth row.  By far, they were the best seats I ever had in my life.  Even better, they were free.  Not so good? Watching Parker cut the Wolves off at the knees, scoring 55 points in a double overtime win.  The Spurs at that time were off to a strange slow start, prompting overzealous media outlets to question whether the Spurs were about to take a massive jump off a cliff.  They rebounded to win 50 plus games, ho-hum.  I knew watching that game that the Spurs were going to be winners at the end of the day and season and that the Wolves would be on the opposite end of the spectrum.  We all knew it that night; this game was an interesting 55-point footnote on the inevitable journey of both teams that season.