Women are awesome; they are truly the ones that get things done.  I mean, there is nothing they won’t do, moving mountains to provide a wonderful life for their children.  Quite simply, they take care of everything.  As you should know already, Mother’s Day is this weekend.  Please wish your mother, grandmother, or any mother you know a very warm and special “happy mother’s day.” Tell them you appreciate everything they do.

Moms are amazing, always there to help others through anything, from planning a wedding to helping a child with a tough day.  No matter what obstacle is in our way, strong and courageous mothers help us daily.  We may cross paths with some new person or social circle that we think is awesome and those people will pat us on the back, acting like they will be there on our paths to success.  Too many times however, these people will betray us, dusting us off or disregarding us.  These people may leave us feeling unappreciated or discarded. I have felt that way too many times but I know my mom is always in my corner.  She is my best friend.   Yours is too.  Their incredible grace and stellar life example is so inspiring.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, grandmother, and any mother who might be reading this.  You make this world a better place for the youth of the world just by being there, educating us and guiding us.