24 second post

Last night was strange.  For the first Thursday in several months, my TV was not set to the NBA on TNT.  I felt lost, like up was down.  I’m such a fan of the TNT post-game because I enjoy the honesty and the incredible sense of humor provided by Charles Barkley.  Honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I watched a late night talk show on Thursday evening.  There has not be a need to because I get so many sharp laughs from the studio crew.

The Wolves recently fired David Kahn, president of basketball operations.  I can’t say that I shed too many tears with his his dismissal and I don’t know of anyone who is too worked up about it.  This was the man who picked Jonny Flynn, a point guard, instead of taking the remarkably talented Steph Curry with the sixth pick in 2009.   Kahn’s departure reminds us quite a bit of when the Vikings fired Head Coach Brad Childress on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  One hundred years from now in the class Minnesota Sports 101, there will not be an account of any club fan missing those guys or falling on their sword for them.  Kahn made several questionable moves and he did not exactly capture the hearts of basketball fans in the Land of 10,000 lakes.

The Spurs silver retro uniforms are an eyesore to me.  Alternate uniforms in my mind have always been a gimmick.  With a solid franchise boasting a remarkable track record like the Spurs, there is really no need to stoop to that level.  The steady play of the likes of Tim Duncan speaks volumes enough.