Bracket racket

How are your brackets today? People are sure to be asking you that today much like people asked “How bout those Vikings” in a futile attempt at small talk in 1998. After Harvard beat New Mexico, maybe your office pool has you seeing red with all of the incorrect picks. Maybe you went to Harvard. In that case, I probably do not know you. I don’t have any connections, much less the lofty connections of “Haarrrvaaard.” Before last night, Harvard basketball meant two things to me in the last ten years:

It is the alma mater of Jeremy Lin.
The movie ” Harvard Man” which features Adrian Grenier unconvincingly playing a Division 1 point guard alongside Ray Allen in the backcourt. This was Allen’s first acting role since “He got game.” I saw it once as a “movie of the week” on a lazy Saturday.

It sure is fun to watch college basketball for so many reasons; the drama, the excitement, or the longing wish to go to one of these colleges for the chance at a better life-actually, the last case is not fun. My favorite months of the year are March and April, everything else is just filler.

It is hard to be proud and nobody likes boastful people even though it is essential to succeed and network these days, seemingly. People will talk about their brackets today or as long as their teams are in prime shape. The bracket feather in my cap is picking the two PAC–12 teams (Oregon and Cal) to advance as 12 seeds. I picked Oregon to beat Oklahoma State, much like I picked the Ducks football team to beat Oklahoma State in the 2008 Holiday Bowl as part of the ESPN bowl mania challenge. My eggs were all in the Ducks basket back then, attaching all of my confidence points to the Ducks as they knocked off a team with first-round blue chip talent like Dez Bryant and Brandon Pettigrew. The hoops team in 2013 is as explosive and relentless as their gridiron counterparts. March is a suitable month to reflect since the change of seasons is approaching. Five years almost, where did all the time go?