Sweet swinging

San Diego catcher Dillon Haupt had an awesome weekend out east. ┬áThe last 6’5 star athlete who had such a stellar Sunday in the Carolinas was probably Cam Newton. Even though Dillon didn’t run the read option, he did contribute to a team that continued their winning ways (seven wins in eight games) after a disheartening start to the 2013 season. Yesterday, Dillon hit 2 home runs as his Torreros team thrashed Stony Brook 15-4. Playing catcher and hitting cleanup, the 6’5 225 pound backstop also did just that by driving in five runs. The San Diego native went 4-5 with all hits (two home runs and two doubles) being extra base hits.

Dillon is an exceptional ball player and a remarkable person, always treating everyone with respect and dignity. Polite and respectful, he makes friends and impresses baseball minds with his terrific personality and outstanding approach to the game.

One of only two San Diego Torreros to appear in every game (potential first-round third baseman Kris Bryant is the other), Dillon is off to an impressive start. The senior backstop is hitting .357 with two home runs, a team-leading seven doubles, and a team high 15 RBI. He also has an OBP total of .462 and a slugging percentage of .667 while demonstrating the remarkable leadership qualities of a talented catcher with great instincts.

Dillon was the West Coast Conference player of the month for March in 2012. He is off to a hot start, a testament to his tireless work ethic and his affinity for the national pastime. When John Kruk said, “Lady, I’m not an athlete. I’m a baseball player”, Dillon was a toddler. Now, he is a remarkable and successful young man.

Dillon also has the most impressive twitter net handle of hauptimus prime, much better than the inglorious net handle of “wompa one” that Ben Affleck’s Chasing Amy character talked about in 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

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