lovin’ more of the 90’s.

Luscious Jackson’s video for the hit single “Naked Eye” was one of the coolest videos of the 90’s. I first saw the video for this song during a harsh winter.  While on trips with my mom to the Twin Cities, this song was in heavy airplay on the radio station Zone 105, serving as the perfect soundtrack to the magnificent Minneapolis skyline.  Opaque, hip, taut, this mesmerizing short has an amazing visual look to accompany the ethereal chant of the hushed, morning after lyrical matter.  The best thing I can say about this video is how well-made it is from a cinematic perspective.  We can more or less see how the song builds up before decompressing based on the acute motives and desires of the characters.  As time goes on, it is harder to actually like infectious pop songs because so many of them are novelty acts.  Songs are that stuck in your head might irritate you or they may not.  It is just refreshing to hear a straight-forward pop song without feeling maddeningly guilty about it. Another wonderful odd blip from this video is how one of the hat-wearing gentlemen looks like a cross between Thom Yorke and Kristin Davis’ love interest on Sex and the City, Evan Handler.

My favorite music videos are those that are cinematic production pieces, filled with the subtext and interpersonal communication that encapsulates everyday life.  The revealing and affirming chorus functions beautifully as a frame for the sordid accounts that so many of us hear in elevators, at water coolers, etc.  Many people might associate the sight of an eye to serve as a correlation to the illuminati; an association that I disagree with.  Just because there is water doesn’t mean there is a baptism.  Instead, I just choose to enjoy the strikingly desirous and smooth “Naked eye” by Luscious Jackson, an exceptional visual and auditory wonder.