lovin’ the 90s

The 1990’s were a musical decade filled with one-hit wonders, somewhat of a backhanded compliment on first blush before you realize that it is far better to have one hit than none at all.  I am sure you have a one-hitter that you are fond of.  Maybe it was “too close” by Next, an up-tempo pop music gem from the summer of 1998.  I remember that video well because one of the members of the group wore a Stephon Marbury T-Wolves jersey, an enjoyable homage to their hometown team and the fiesty point guard who traded himself, getting his wish in March of 1999.  Or maybe the song “How Bizarre” by OMC in 1997 holds a special place in your heart because you heard that song while waiting in line for a tickle me elmo at Toys R’ Us.  OMC never delivered the comeback song I yearned for titled “It’s so bizarre that…..”, but oh well.  Perhaps it was the Minnesota band Semisonic and their one-hit masterpiece “Closing time”, the first song I thought of as a feel-good depressing song.   Keeping with the topic of Minnesota bands with one hit track to their credit, you could pick the song “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground.  I can’t believe that during one summer, three one-hit wonders from my native state dominated the radio airwaves.  Never again in my lifetime, I am sure. My favorite 1990’s one-hit wonder is “I Wish” by skee-lo, a fun song and a real treat of a video. Just don’t go calling it little now.

I know I am old and I feel really old when I realize that I  can actually remember a time when the cable channel MTV actually played music videos.  Included with a funny allusion to Forest Gump, this mid-90’s video is a feel good jam that drips with nostalgic sign posts like the yellow Chris Webber jersey that Skee-lo wears while lamenting about his troubles in the games of basketball and love.  But like most things, it is just about love and the pursuit of it.

I remembered this song when I overheard someone recently tell someone close  that they would probably have more suitors (paraphrasing of course) if they were 6’3.  I certainly doubt that Russell Wilson told his Seahawks teammates a similar tale, especially after the awesome rookie season he just had.  For that matter, I certainly doubt this person had any idea about who Skee-lo was and the classic video but the message is universal I suppose. Too many songs are angry or pretentious stylings of filler but “I wish” by Skee-lo is tremendous as a feel good jam that says what it means and means what it says while getting us to laugh.  And we can all approve of that message I hope. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J58L_bEdqS8