song of the year

I have been fond of Fiona Apple for a very long time, dating back to her debut album Tidal.  As someone who has never fit in or connected with others, I immediately became enthralled with her music because it was painstakingly raw and thoughtful.  My songs of the year are obvious in their dynamic originality and magnetic feel.  For example, 2006 was a year of co-songs of the year, “Hands Open” by Snow Patrol and “Young Folks” by Peter, Bjorn, and John.  The song of the year in 2012 is “Hot knife” by Fiona Apple because it serves as a reminder to tortured old souls like me that art is still intoxicating and exciting.  Of course, this is all according to me.  What is your pick for song of 2012? My inquiring mind wants to know.