Second chance day

One of my high school science teachers once told our class about how important it is to make connections when learning.  Our minds can work like a chain, each part interlocking with another part to form links that can stretch forever, “like an ocean of time”, to quote one of my favorite cinematic characters, Lester Burnham.

Today is the Tuesday before thanksgiving and I remember his lesson well.  Connections can help you memorize facts but they are so vital in succeeding in life. After all, it pays to have connections.  Today, the Toronto Blue Jays rehired a new manager from their recent past. A manager of the team from 2004-2008, John Gibbons returns to steward the blue jays squad.  Also, Plaxico Burress rejoined the Pittsburgh Steelers today.  He played for the team from 2000-2004.  “Plax” did not get the long-term contract from the steelers that he coveted.  In the 2005 free agency period, he signed with the New York Giants.  While there, this happened;

Gibbons never won a division title with the blue jays.  Burress is on the “wrong side of 30” and may only be a red zone specialist at this point in his career. These two men received second chances.  Many good, bright, and amazing people waste away, suffering while not even getting a first chance.  Not just in the arena of professional sports, but in every day life.