Nfl draft primer

BYU DE Ezekiel Ansah is an impressive physical specimen. A native of Ghana, he is still relatively new to the sport and was a track and field athlete before playing football. There are some intriguing physical attributes here at work because he has the elite athleticism and frame to support more bulk. At 6’6 and 270 pounds, he offers positional flexibility because he is such a terror matchup wise. I liken Ansah a bit to Jason Pierre Paul because of his raw athleticism and long-limbed frame. His long arms can easily swat passes and his impressive first-step quickness make him an intriguing pass -rushing prospect. J.J Watt uses his long arms to help Houston win football games while making fans forget about former Number one pick Mario Williams. Ansah is a guy I have been watching this season and I like him because he makes so many plays in pursuit in addition to his developing pass rushing prowess. He is around the ball, chasing down backs on screen passes. He runs like a gazelle, attributable to his background as a sprinter on the BYU track team. It is a pass happy league and you need explosive defensive talents to make impact plays. Ansah can make those disruptive impact plays. I remember many years ago while watching the broncos play the patriots on CBS. Analyst Phi Simms said, “Sacks are overrated” meaning that passes deflected are just as valuable when it comes to winning games. The ceiling for Ansah is high as evidenced by the comparisons to guys like Chandler Jones, Jason Pierre Paul and JJ Watt. But even if he doesn’t quite get there, he can still be a valuable pass rushing threat like a Lance Johnstone from several years ago. While he may need to learn a few pass-rushing nuances to become well-rounded at the next level, his extraordinary athleticism will make him an attractive choice for teams starving for a difference maker in the first round. He has only been playing the game for a few years but he plays with aggressiveness and a high motor. The intangibles are there. If you are unfamiliar with Ansah, you should remember the name because not only will he continue to contribute as a part of a very good BYU defensive unit, he has the raw physical tools to excel at next year’s Combine and position himself for a nice paycheck.