A tale of a misspent youth

An apt quote that I have thought about quite a bit lately comes from Einstein. He once said, “Never memorize anything you can look up.” Good advice for everyone except me. I have a good memory and let me say, it is pretty useless. I remember that Torii Hunter, one of my favorite Twins from my childhood, signed a five year contract on Thanksgiving with Angels, nearly five years ago. I mention that because he signed a 2 year contract today worth $26 Million. I heard about it on espn news that day while watching TV alone. I remember his OBP from the last ten years and every awkward and embarrassing moment of my own life so naturally, I really wish I could unlearn this “skill.” To paraphrase a wise man, all of those supposedly lost facts can be easily found, especially in the modern age. My advice to youth is to learn hard skills, those that can be transferred. Remembering what the weather was like one year ago today won’t land you a great job with benefits or PTO. A crystal clear memory won’t make you friends either. When remembering things that someone told you months ago, that person will probably look uncomfortable. It is so hard to connect with people and most don’t want to converse with robots. In fact, having a memory like me might cause you to go through your days feeling crestfallen. It might be cool to others on one occasion and they might say it is neat. But like most people, they forget about you and memory because it isn’t that special.