My favorite music videos, pt 1

The music video for “Voices Carry” is a grand post-modern tale that I continue to appreciate and include on my list of all-time favorites.  It is a haunting, yet elegant song.  The music video is a cinematic perspective on a relationship between a young and exquisite artist and her volatile, superficial boyfriend.  The lead singer of Til’ Tuesday was Aimee Mann, a remarkable singer who also attained success on her own and is familiar to many for her exceptional songwriting and voice on the soundtrack for 1999’s Magnolia.

An iconic and striking image in “Voices Carry” is her own declaration when she literally finds her voice in Carnegie Hall and throws off the shackles that have forced her to suffer. The veil is lifted and she conquers over evil, shaming him to cower as she emotionally sings in an auditorium of patrons that are stunned or perhaps stoic. It is a flawless conclusion to the video and a farewell to an oppressive villain.  The heroine that is played by Aimee Mann triumphs in my mind because of her courage and self-discovery through her art.  Sadly for so many of us, that is all we have left.