be that mentor

Mentoring makes a remarkable impact in large cities and small towns.  The empowering feeling of a shared connection can boost morale and even performance at schools, offices, and popular gathering places.  Not only can mentoring change lives, it may have the power to save lives as well.

Young people driven to attempt suicide feel like no one cares and that they have no opportunity for a better future.  A positive and supportive mentor can  inspire and help someone just by demonstarting that someone cares.  Too many people battle negative and destructive thoughts and the impact that a trusted confidant can make on someone battling depression and self-esteem issues is immeasureable.

A mentor can take a young person under their wing and teach them valuable life lessons and skills.  Many young people are shy and may come off as withdrawn or lax in their body language.  These people want to make connections and learn essential networking skills but they do not make that critical first-step because of their shyness.  Mentoring programs can encourage a young worker or student to become more than they ever thought they could be.  The acquisition of skills and their development can be passed down to create a positive environment.

You can help someone isolated and withdrawn just by taking an interest in them.  Assumptions are often made about a person that are hurtful and potentially devastating. Also, meeting a young person and starting a positive mentoring relationship is not time-consuming at all.  Even a monthly sitdown with someone for coffee can matter for people who don’t know where to turn or where to begin anymore.