Anthony Consiglio        Position:  RHP

B/T:  R/R        Ht:  6’3”          School:  Western Nevada

Wt:  208            YR:  FR            Hometown:  Las Vegas, NV

Anthony is the third Western Nevada pitcher to sign with the Stingers during their existence.  He graduated  from Centennial High School in Las Vegas, NV and made Western Nevada’s Dean List in the fall of 2010 . Anthony earned All-Sunset 1st team honors in high school.

National give me five day

It’s national high five day evidently. This doesn’t matter to me because I do not have anyone to give a high five. There is no one to talk to either. I don’t know why I’m on social media. I have no social media game. my linkedin page is nondescript and useless, just like me. sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just drove anyone. Would anyone notice or care? Probably not. Actually I have to correct myself because I have gone away and most people think I’m a creep anyway so I won’t be missed, no. No one cares to give a high five to a weathered soul. I too wonder why I’m still here.


  • Mitch Delfino    Position:  3B

    B/T:  R/R    HT:  6’3”         School:  California

    WT:  185    YR: SO            Hometown:  Cloverdale, CA

    Mitch manned the hot corner for the Willmar Stingers and returns after a successful season as a member of the California Golden Bears baseball team.  In addition to his quick bat and solid defensive skills, Mitch was also a high school basketball standout at Cloverdale High School  He acquitted himself nicely to Pac-10 pitching, hitting .315 as a freshman in 2010.  His parents are Charlie and Debbi Delfino.

The man

Marc Flores is just an outstanding dude. Baseball is a game but you don’t get to the level of a Flores by treating it as such. Flores is gritty and a real gamer when he steps in the box. It’s there he can unleash mammoth power displays with the routine of someone going through a spinning class. The man is strong, he is jacked and when he hits a shot over the scoreboard,it looks easy.

Flores hit his fourth home run this weekend. I know the man from my time with the Stingers. I think guys like Flores give the summer a bit more juice. I know I felt more energetic after seeing the man. He would pound my fist or give me a bro-hug after a vigorous handshake that quickly became a an informal V-shaped hand cradle.

Guys like Flores make life fun. Working with people like Flores make the days go better. I feel old, a weathered soul about to be out to pasture until I remember that I have to tune into espn Hawaii so I can listen to his game against Oregon. I grab my beats, plug em in, and listen to my bro and his team take on the west coast collegiate powers. I’ll be in tuned to every pitch, visualizing a camera on me in some cinematic production. When the man barrels a double, I’ll triumphantly pound my fist against my chest,late at night. Craig Ferguson will be on TV peering into camera one while the man pounds a meaty fastball against the fence.  When things don’t make sense, I think about my people. They are the ones who made the awesome tourney.


Scott Zuloaga            Position:  LHP

B/T: L/L                Ht:  6’3”        School:  Scottsdale Community College

Wt:  200                YR:  SO        Hometown:  Scottsdale, AZ

Scott recently a signed a letter of intent to pitch for the New Mexico State Aggies.  An Aerospace Engineering major, Scott earned the honor of being named an Academic All-American by the National Junior College Athletic Association  (NJCAA).  In addition to his reputation as a dedicated student, Scott played baseball at Saguaro HS and is the son of Richard and Jill Zuloaga.


The place to be

The hip new restaurant in town is the same classy restaurant I went to during my time. The  pizza was the best I ever had and I my waitress was so nice to me, filling my cup and asking how the food tasted. I said “delicious” when I really wanted to say it was “totally awesome” or “splendid.” Maybe I just said it was good. I guess it doesn’t really matter now because I was the only person in the dining establishment sitting alone. I drive alone, I watch TV alone, and I eat alone.  No one really cared what I had to say in that area; it’s been a long time. There is no to talk to because there is no one who wants to talk with me anymore. So I have yet to fit in and i feel so very ashamed about that.

Dan Russell

Dan Russell Position: RHP B/T: R/R Ht: 5’9 School: Western Illinois Wt: 175 YR: JR Hometown: Henry, IL While pitching for Henry Senchawine High School, Dan struck out 22 batters in a game. A Junior Business Management major, Dan transferred to Western Illinois from Illinois Central College where he holds school records for wins and strikeouts. He is the son of Kent and Lori Russell.

He imposed his will

Jared Allen was a great Viking for six years. Even though he signed with a divisional rival and is now branded a competitor, I certainly have fond memories of his time in Purple. The term “a pro’s pro” gets bandied about quite a bit but it certainly applies to Jared Allen for the past several years. His remarkable durability and relentless nature were a constant while his team endured some superb years offset by some nadir points such as the 2011 and 2013 seasons. No matter what though, you simply could count on Allen to show up, show well, and get his. For as long as I could remember, my favorite football team was in search of a skilled defensive end by trade who could disrupt the rhythm of an opposing team’s passing game. Chris Doleman of Pitt was such a demon off the edge but his salad days took place before my time. In fact, the Vikings were so desperate in 1999 that they traded for Doleman after the fiasco that was the Dimetrius Underwood saga. Borieou, Alexander, Underwood. All premium picks who failed to deliver even a fraction of the production that Jared Allen delivered for six solid seasons. Nothing was given to Allen coming out of college and even though he will be adorned in enemy colors now, I tip my proverbial cap his way for being the high-energy edge rusher that I coveted for so long as a fan. He will still rush the jerseys of Stafford and Rodgers now while it remains to be seen which purple passer he will try to sack. Nearly six years after arriving from Kansas City, Allen was worth the compensation every time he performed his awesome “calf roping” sack routine after disregarding and bringing down so many passers. A pro’s pro with so much heart, indeed.


Lance Thonvold Position: RHP

B/T: R/R Ht: 6’4 School: Minnesota

Wt: 225 Yr: Fr Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

The first Golden Gopher to sign with the Willmar Stingers, Lance was a All-Lake Conference first team performer his senior year at Eden Prairie and was instrumental in the team going 27-1 and winning the State Championship as a junior. Lance was the winning pitcher for the Eden Prairie team that won the Legion World Series in the summer of 2011 and lists that moment as his most memorable moment in sports. The Minnesota native posted a 0.60 ERA during the American Legion World Series and experienced a growth spurt before his sophomore year of high school. He enjoys watching MLB Network in his spare time. Lance is the son of Lindy and Ennis Thonvold.

one year

On this date one year ago, my favorite team traded my favorite player not at high noon but a little beyond it. I remember the moment I found out about the trade vividly. One of my top ten favorite movies, The Social Network, was on my big-screen television. During the ominous introduction to Justin Timberlake’s character, I heard an alert on my iPad for news on my favorite team. To borrow from a popular Madden-ism, Boom! He was traded out west. The epic Trent Reznor score was the acompanying music to Sean Parker learning about this revelutionary concept and on this overcast day, it served as the background music to the news that my favorite, most entertaining player on my favorite team would go somewhere else. It was a spirit-crushing yet mystifying moment.

Later that day, I had dinner at my favorite dining establishment hoping that premier pizza might help but it was temporary. Percy Harvin, one of the most dynamic players and the one of the greatest offensive weapons this fan had seen in quite some time was a Seahawk and it was devastating. I still have my number 12 jersey because quite honestly, it looks really cool. Sleek, streamlined, it was the post-modern armor worn by a player who was the epitome of a shifty, explosive, and downright dangerous offensive playmaker. My disappointment didn’t end with that trade as I learned that even though we were close in getting Anquan Boldin (an extremely tough player who is the consumate professional), we didn’t because another team was willing to part with a sixth-round draft choice and we were not. And the next day, Antoine Winfield was a cap-casualty only to be followed in rapid-fire instant news that Jerome Simpson, a maddeningly inconsistent receiver would be retained.

Incredible that one year ago, that trade happened. What followed served as a cruel reminder that the people I actually liked and respected would move on and so many of them did. However, the people that I did not have a particular fondness for would be brought back on a series of one-year deals. I tried to wrap my head around the process and the realization that nearly one year later, there is no one to talk to about things like that.