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On Oct. 31, the BOLD Warriors won the section 5A football championship and punched their ticket to a Minnesota State Tournament berth with a resounding 34-8 win over previously undefeated Paynesville at Big Cat Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota-Morris.
With a 14-8 lead, BOLD defensive back Max Buchtel intercepted a pass from Paynesville quarterback Matthew Quade late in the third quarter to set the Warriors up with the ball on the Paynesville seven-yard line.
On the first play of the fourth, junior fullback Brad Wolff jammed in a three-yard rushing touchdown to give the Warriors a two-possession lead.
While the wind at Big Cat Stadium was not a strong elemental factor, Paynesville threw caution to it by keeping the offense on the field for several fourth and long plays, even with the ball far from midfield. A shanked Paynesville punt gave BOLD possession inside the red zone and the Warriors took advantage. Defenders such as Austin Einerson and Nick Kubesh made key pass deflections to prevent the Paynesville offense from moving the chains.
With the two teams playing for the section championship and battling each other for second time in nine weeks, BOLD held a Paynesville offense accustomed to posting gaudy Madden-like offensive stat lines to eight points, a season-low.
After a scoreless first quarter, Wolff rushed for two touchdowns in the second and two Kubesh extra points gave the Warriors a 14-0 lead at halftime.
Quade hit Grant Thompson on a 20-yard touchdown pass and Thompson scored on a two-point conversion to trim the BOLD lead to 14-8. Buchtel’s critical interception, Wolff’s third rushing touchdown and a Kubesh extra point gave BOLD a 21-8 lead. The fourth Wolff rushing touchdown came on a six-yard rush and Ben Steffel first rushing touchdown of the section final put the Warriors in command with a 34-8 lead that would be the final score.
Rushing for 81 yards on 22 attempts, Wolff had four rushing touchdowns to help put the game away. Steffel rushed for 104 yards on 22 carries and a fourth quarter touchdown. Buchtel had one carry for two yards on a fourth and one to give BOLD a fresh set of downs. Collectively, BOLD rushed for 170 yards and all five scores came on the ground.
Stadther completed 4-of-5 passes for 35 yards. Kubesh had two receptions for 17 yards. Chris McRell had a catch for 16 yards. Wolff had a catch for two yards.
Since a season-opening 32-13 loss to Paynesville on Aug. 30 in Olivia, the Warriors have allowed a paltry total of 96 points in their next ten games. The defensive line played strong against their West Central Conference rival. Jake Rauenhorst had 1.5 sacks of Quade. Wolff had one and Tyler Park had a half of sack in combination with pressure from Rauenhorst.
Junior defensive tackle Manuel Garcia had ten combined tackles.
BOLD defensive coordinator Dan Gross has praised Rauenhorst for his disruptiveness in darting through blockers and the junior had nine total tackles. Sophomore Jon Schulte was in on nine total tackles and had a pass breakup to stifle the Bulldogs passing game. Wolff had seven total tackles for BOLD.
BOLD is the section 5 champion in Class AA and they will face undefeated Section 8 winner Hawley on Nov. 7 in Alexandria.

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For the second straight game, the BOLD Warriors eliminated an undefeated team from the postseason. On Nov. 7, BOLD earned a 21-9 win over the Hawley Nuggets in the Class AA state quarterfinals.”It’s a great feeling for us and when we play together as one, we know we are tough to beat,” Nick Kubesh said.

Kubesh was in on a key pass breakup in coverage. He said the defense did a tremendous job of preparing against Hawley and following the defensive game plan of BOLD defensive coordinator Dan Gross, limiting the previously undefeated Section 8 Class AA champion Nuggets to 175 yards of total offense. “Coach Gross does an amazing job preparing us on the defensive side. He makes sure that we know their tendencies,” Kubesh said. Kubesh stated that defensively, the Warriors wanted to apply pressure to previously undefeated Hawley rather than react to it. “Gross’s message was that we needed to play physical, fast, and downhill,” Kubesh said.

On a frigid Friday night with a swirling wind, BOLD and Hawley were locked in a scoreless defensive battle. On a fourth and six in the waning minutes of the second quarter, BOLD quarterback Lane Stadther fired a pass through the robust wind into the hands of Austin Weis for a 20-yard reception, keeping possession in the hands of the driving Warriors. Stadther said the conversion was an essential play that dictated the tone of the game. “The pass there was a very important play, allowing us to maintain possession. It also opened up the run a little by showing them we were still able to pass,” Stadther said. With a fresh set of downs, Ben Steffel carried the ball on a strong rush. From the one-yard line, Steffel punched in the game’s first touchdown. “The touchdown really gave us the momentum at half,” Stadther said before adding that in a gridlock, the Warriors were looking to just add points before halftime. “We were planning on kicking a field goal but Ben had an impressive run to get us to the 1 yard line and allowed us to score a touchdown,” Stadther said. Kubesh banged an extra point through the wind and BOLD had a 7-0 lead at halftime in Alexandria.

Max Buchtel fielded the second half kickoff and provided an explosive return to give BOLD great field position. Steffel scored on a three-yard touchdown carry a few plays later and a Kubesh extra point gave BOLD a 14-0 lead as the Warriors sandwiched two touchdowns around the intermission. Hawley’s nine points in the third quarter came on a safety and a touchdown run by NDSU verbal commit Ben Ellefson. Listed as a tight end, the Hawley coaches moved Ellefson from the in-line or slot and into the backfield. In the third, the Warriors made a defensive stand on fourth down that Kubesh noted. “We watched a lot of film to know what to expect but when they put number 14 (Ellefson) at running back that caught us a little off-guard but we adjusted well and were able to get a stop,” Kubesh said. BOLD linebacker Austin Tersteeg recorded a sack of Hawley quarterback Jordan Harms in the third.

Junior fullback Brad Wolff’s touchdown carry from three yards out gave BOLD a two-possession advantage and Kubesh’s third extra point gave BOLD a 21-9 lead, the only fourth quarter points. Kubesh was proud of how his team was able to respond and praised the execution and depth of BOLD’s offensive and defensive fronts. “Our lines, both offensively and defensively, were faster and we were able to wear them down since we try to keep our guys fresh,” Kubesh said.

The Warriors won their 11th straight game and advanced to a Class AA semifinal match against Caledonia on Nov. 15 in Eden Prairie. Stadther said that while Hawley presented some challenges, the Warriors were able to push through by being able to find success running the ball in the red zone. The quarterback also adhered to the Drew Brees mantra of “you can’t go broke taking a profit” when assessing the Warriors methodical offensive approach. “Hawley was a really big and strong team. I think we were were able to wear them down by getting a few yards each play and sustain some long drives,” Stadther said. “It is an amazing feeling to advance. The most memorable part of the season has been winning the last two games.”

BOLD 21, Hawley 9
BOLD individual stats in Class AA quarterfinal
Passing: Stadther 3-for-5, 47 yards. Rushing (attempts-yards): Steffel 36-119, 2 TD. Wolff 15-46, 1TD. Receiving (receptions-yards): Weis 1-20. Kubesh 1-16. Buchtel 1-11. Kicking: Kubesh 3-for-3 on extra points. Punting: Kubesh 2-86. QB sacks: Tersteeg,1. Tackles (solo-assisted): Wolff 4-4. Tersteeg 6-1. Manuel Garcia 2-5. Weis 2-3. Jon Schulte 2-2. Austin Einerson 1-1. Jake Rauenhorst 2-0. Buchtel 1-1. Tyler Park 2-0. Stadther 1-0. Kubesh 1-0. Logan Dahlk 1-0.


While Ethan Hawke may not be one of my favorite all-time actors per se (the incomparable Daniel Day-Lewis and the intense Christian Bale may be notches above Hawke), I think he is the best studio talk show guest hands down. For the longest time, Terry Bradshaw was my favorite guest for his “aw shucks” approach on Jay Leno for so many years but there is a new unofficial holder of MII (most impressive interview). Hawke is engaging, self-deprecating, charming, and hilarious with his delivery and speaking style. His rapport with the host or leader of the interview is clear and smooth. An actor like Hawke gets booked on shows as part of a press docket but he is so splendid that you can only imagine what it would be like to have a meal with him and hear his dazzling stories of life as a star. A true thespian who has been in some hit movies, Hawke can be counted on to bring his fastball to any interview. It doesn’t matter if he is on Conan, Kimmel, or Seth Meyers, Hawke is a delight to watch with his humorous stylings and eloquence. As someone who watches too much television, I have seen Hawke as a guest on local news morning shows and he is spectacular on those as well. His graciousness shines through, chatting with the hosts of a mid-sized market, remembering names, and being genuinely excited to visit. Too many celebrities go on A.M. morning shows and act like a seven-year old, being forced to push away a delicious birthday cake ice cream bowl and eat asparagus. His impressive canon of films is powerful on its own but it is who he is ( a good guy) and not what he is (a star actor) that make watching his interviews such an exceptional viewing experience.

How to fit in

Lately, I’ve been wondering where it all went wrong. I guess you could say I have always looked for acceptance only to be disappointed. I can’t think of one person that I can call and talk to anymore. Most of them time, I just wonder why I put so much into things that didn’t pan out. I imagine just sinking into the ground, knowing that no one will ever notice. Today was a tough day, I just couldn’t get on track. I lose so many hours just wondering why I am here, what’s the point of me even trying because everything is so pointless. I hate myself and one day I will disappear and I don’t care what they will think or say of me because those days are over. I never fit in with anyone so who cares.  I wish I had a mentor but most of the ones I identify want nothing To do with me or they focus on some one else. I was never a bad person.

15 movies

I’ve been asked to list 15 films that will always stay with me. The rules are to take no more than 15 minutes and tag 15 people to make their own lists.
1) There will be blood
2)  blue velvet
3) Vanilla Sky
4) Moneyball
5) American Beauty
6) Eyes wide shut
7) Wonder boys
8) Revolutionary road
9) Broken arrow
10) The Social Network
11) Basic instinct
12) The purge
13) Point break
14) Sliver
15) Gossip